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Our custom websites fit every one of our client’s needs! We’ve built more than 800+ websites over the past 7+ years and we have been able to assist our clients with lead generation for their businesses and drive their sales. We have a great approach to web design and development for any website. Here are the following steps we take to ensure that your website will convert and drive more sales for you and your company:


Step 1:

Strategy & Visualizing

Our websites load within 3-5 seconds with maximum graphic designed content. Our speed will help you convert leads faster with our website conversion rates being among the best. We choose the right colors, right UX / UI design to attract more customers to your website. Our expertise with branding and creating a custom website that will look appealing to the eye and welcome customers bring a slight edge to our designs. This step implements all of the specifics when it comes to content, features, functions, look, etc.

Research & Strategy for the Pages

-Physical Mapping While Establishing Content

eCommerce integrations with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems


Step 2:

Digital Design

This step is where the quality mockups are in full effect as we split test the look and conversion rates. We provide tests the designs to the client in order to view, provide feedback, and ensure approval from our clients.

High-Quality Mockups

-UX / UI Design



Step 3:

Development & QA

After the approved design of the website we then implement the backend features, click to call actions, SEO-Ready Images, Pages, and more. The initial build is then looked over internally and then sent to the client for final review.

Front End Development

-Back End Development

-Quality Assurance & Testing

Step 4:

PPC Integration

We offer PPC integration that allows for full integration with your CRM system that will send leads to your email. This assists you with working to ensure that your website is transferring the leads to you first hand, that way you will have full access to each one of your leads.

We work to ensure that your website converts in all phases and steps. The bounce rate of your website will help visitors navigate throughout the site after viewing the first page. We also work to make sure that our bounce rate is at a higher percentage of 60%.

We constantly look at the pages with the highest bounce rate and evaluate them with the proper tools that we have to fix those pages so that the site is all around successful.




*Disclaimer: We are NOT responsible for any problems or issues with your website after the scheduled maintenance period. 


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